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This is the home page of Pete E. Lestrel, Ph.D. (M.A. 1966; Ph.D. 1975 UCLA)
Professor of Anthropology (Emeritus)
Formerly Sections of Orthodontics and Oral Biology, UCLA School of Dentistry 

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My Areas of Interest:

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  •  Primary interests:
    • [1] Quantification of the size and shape of two- and three-dimensional forms,
    • [2] Applications of elliptical Fourier functions and wavelets to biological data,
    • [3] Computer modeling of craniofacial growth and aging processes and
    • [4] Computer graphics and imaging of two- and three-dimensional forms.
  •  Secondary interests:

    • [1] Evolution of the human and primate dental and craniofacial complex,
    • [2] Prehistory and biological anthropology of the populations of Japan,
    • [3] Mathematical modeling and applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and
    • [4] Analytical philosophy, history of philosophy and history of science.

Photo Gallery

Leisure Activities:

  • Some photos from various international trips
  •  Photography, square dancing (A2, C1 levels), international travel.

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